Thursday, 11 September 2008

This would be our "liberal" media

First, cast doubt on his leadership by inferring intent in the headline.

Liberals cancel B.C. convention, clearing way for leadership vote if Dion fails

The story says nothing of the sort really, the Liberals just canceled their Dec. convention, ostensibly because it would be too soon after the federal election.

And then this, an entire story about the plane chartered by the Liberal party:

IN THE AIR ON ‘PROFESS-AIR' — A huge cheer erupted as St├ęphane Dion's campaign plane, a 30-year-old clunker of a Boeing 737, rolled fast enough down the runway to lift off into the air.

there were many jokes about the plane's ability or inability to fly, including stories that the planned route from Hamilton to Saint John was going over Lake Ontario and along the St. Lawrence River to avoid flying over highly populated cities, such as Toronto.

Some reporters prayed on the runway.

It landed safely and smoothly.

If this is the friendly "Liberal media" that the right complains about all the time, me-thinks they should be happy. With friends like that....

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Ken Breadner said...

The GLOBE is skewing further and further right. I think they're trying to win back the people that left them for the POST.