Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Why politics iz stoopid

Liberal Green Shift will hurt Alberta! NEP 2! NEP 2!

CBC: "The carbon tax plan announced last week by the federal Liberal leader would damage the interests of people and businesses if implemented, Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach said Sunday."

NP: "But Albertans have seen Liberal oil tax plans before. Whatever his justification for this one, or whatever name it may wear, Mr. Dion will likely find few Albertans eager to buy."

But wait, the Conservative's say they are the party that will put the hurt on Alberta, its the Liberals that are supporting the Oil Sands!

CTV: The Liberals' "Green Shift" carbon tax plan may actually be welcomed by the oilsands industry because it would create a pay-and-pollute system, says Conservative MP John Baird.
The Conservatives' "Turning the Corner" environmental plan, Baird said, would force big polluters to cut their emissions with an eventual 20 per cent reduction in carbon emissions.

And yet, the Conservative party is popular in Alberta, and the Liberal party is anathema, because of NEP 1.

Or wait, we can't cap oil sands production, that will hurt unions!!!

G&M: The Conservative Party of Canada, well-known bastion of the working class, is concerned about the loss of "good union jobs" across the country if NDP Leader Jack Layton succeeds in his quest to quell further expansion of Alberta's oil sands because of the onetime dinosaur haunt's huge impact on the environment.

A Tory election press release entitled "Just the Facts" lists 20 unions that it says would be affected by an oil sands moratorium, from the illustrious Insulators Union to the tap-it-down Tilesetters & Allied Crafts of Alberta.

I need a drink, I can't keep up.

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