Friday, 10 October 2008

BlogRoll Changes

A Canadian Election is the perfect catalyst to get retired bloggers to come back out.

As mentioned earlier, Olaf is back, and is sharp as ever.

Two others, Matt Bondy and Deliberative Dialogue are back online too. If you want to see how the "right" and the "left" can intelligently debate each other without getting nasty and personal. Head on over there. That's what political discourse should be in this country. A sharing of opinions without the partisan vitriol.

Even though politics seems to reach new lows day by day, this blogger is cheered by the thought that these individuals are publicly sharing their voices again.


Raphael Alexander said...

Catelli, that widget you have on the side that updates your RSS reads in a chronological manner instead of a simple link: how do you do that? I love it. Can you share?

Catelli said...

Its the new Blog List Gadget available from Blogger.

It is pretty cool, though sometimes it doesn't update as fast as it should.