Friday, 10 October 2008

A rebuttal and a suggestion

Wrong, The point here is not about his failure to grasp a simple question. It is that Mr.Dion was ultimately unable to answer a question regarding economic hindsight and wrong again, I thought it was a fairly straightforward question. Murphy essentially asked “well, tough guy, if you think Harper has done such a poor job, what would you and your illustrious Liberals have done differently?

The question lacked a logical frame of reference. In essence a "So when did you stop beating your mother?" question.

The question asked of Dion, "If you were Prime Minister now, what would you have done about the economy?"

Its an understandable question. But it isn't framed within a mutually understandable context. The part of the question "what would you have done about the economy" lacks a time reference. So Dion is asked to theorize and come up with an answer. Such an answer would be ambiguous at best.

If you doubt me, answer this question "If you had a lot of money, how would you plan your future?".

Same problem, logically you would ask, "How much money is a lot?" Your future plans depend on that value being 10 grand, a million or a hundred million. All three are "a lot" of money.

Dion is being asked to re-write history, but is not being told how much history he can over write. Yes a "seasoned politician" would have sensed the ambiguity of the question and would give an equally ambiguous answer, which would be meaningless. But I can't condemn a man that values clear communication and wishes to provide clear answers to clear questions.


That being said, I do have reasons for not supporting Dion and the Liberal party. Mainly because the Liberal party ran screaming from parliament every-time a point of principle walked in the room.

Which leads to my big beef about the Conservative campaign. Give the Dion "carbon-tax on everything" approach a break already will ya? You've already convinced everybody you're going to. The rest of us, you're just pissing off. The Conservative party is coming off as a one trick pony. The only idea they are against is a carbon tax. Heaven forbid that you campaign on new ideas that present an alternative of something other than what you are against. Now I am long past redemption, but this weekend, here's a chance to take it to the Liberals without actually having to promise something new, and probably swing a few voters your way.

"Stephane Dion promises to implement his Green Shift if elected. But can you trust him to actually deliver on his promise? Every time he had an opportunity to stand by his stated principles, he instead instructed his party to abstain from parliament so as to avoid the consequences of his actions."

"My friends, let me ask you, is that a leader you can trust? What assurance do you have that Mr. Dion will do as he says, when he always avoided doing so in the past?"

"This election vote Conservative. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say."

Conservative Brain Trust, use freely, and you don't have to credit me. I humbly submit that if you had gone after Dion's opposition record earlier in this campaign, you wouldn't be neck-and-neck in the polls now.

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