Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Comment of the Day

"I’m all for rewarding hard work, but when you realize that there’s a guy out there who could spend your entire annual salary once an hour, every single hour, for the next 87 years… it’s enough to make one a socialist."

LKO, over at Macleans.


Ken Breadner said...

I've often thought there ought to be a maximum wage. I mean, come on, you can't tell me these people making millions of dollars every year--in some cases, tens or even hundreds of millions--actually need all that money.
So I guess I'm a socialist. It's been a long trip over from Conservativeville, let me tell you.

Catelli said...

Maybe a maximalist? Socialist is so harsh!

The problem with no limits, we keep finding areas where we know we passed an "acceptable" limit, but we can't draw that exact line.

Many would agree that a maximum should exist, just get em all to agree on a number!