Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Humans are a selfish, ignorant, stupid and dangerous species

The personal automobile brings out the worst in the human species. What is it about turn signals that the majority of drivers are incapable of using them?

Today we had our first real snow fall. So the roads are icy and snow covered. The lines on the roads are buried, making it hard to determine where the lanes are, where you're supposed to stop etc. etc. So what do people do? They make last minute changes, swerving all over the place to find the right lane, to make a turn or to just be random and annoying with no purpose whatsoever.

These idiots of course do this without the courtesy of using their turn signals. The turn signal is there so you can signal to other drivers your intentions BEFORE you make your maneuver. Its a handy little stalk right on the steering wheel, mere centimeters from your fingers, taking very little effort to press up or down. It couldn't be more convenient or easy to use. So few people use it though, its easier to generalize that no one uses it.

When roads are slippery, visibility poor and driving conditions just generally shit there is no more important time to clearly communicate to other drivers what your intentions are. So of course everybody just does what they want and cut each other off without using their signals at all. Its very frustrating to me, and stupidly unreasonably dangerous.

Because conditions were so bad, I took nothing but back county roads all the way home. Embelton Sideroad, north east of Milton (for those familiar with the area) has one section where it dips into a valley. Both sides are fairly steep. Approaching it I see solid brake lights, so I back off the throttle and cautiously approach. There's one car stopped halfway down the hill in front of me. I could make out lights at the bottom of the hill that also weren't moving. I stop and put my car in park, as does the lady behind me. She and I get out of cars and walk up to see what's going on. There are a few other cars stopped on our side of the valley and on the far side as well. Which means the lanes in both directions are blocked.

We both notice that the road is practically glass ice. Cars are obviously having a hard time of it making it safely through the valley. So of course that means vehicles that are behind us decide to pass and weave their way through the cars parked on the road to drive through the valley. I watch as a pickup truck passes by me and heads down into the valley on the wrong side of the road. On the other side of the valley I can see another car doing the exact same thing.

I didn't stick around to see what happened when they met in the middle. I got back into my car, turned around in a nearby driveway and backtracked to find another route. However, if there is any justice in the world, those idiots would have met head on, severely damaged their vehicles and sent each other to the hospital.

I am so incensed at the sheer lunacy of these drivers. People are parked at a spot where there is obvious trouble. These selfish morons are obviously SO important that they have to drive through the mess regardless of the consequences. The world obviously revolves around them, because the 5-10 minutes to straighten out the situation was just too long of a wait. Rather than wait for the people in trouble to work their way out, these morons have to contribute to it. Lemmings over a cliff, that's what I was witnessing.

Its times like these that I really think the human race is a disgusting species. Common courtesy during dangerous situations, when it is needed most, is so conspicuous in its absence that I really do hope these selfish fucks send themselves straight to hell. Its one thing to endanger your own life. Its another to threaten the lives of those around you.


Raphael Alexander said...

lol, I couldn't agree more. And it doesn't even take poor conditions to bring these clowns out.

By the way, not to be an asshole or anything, but in Vancouver today it was balmy and mild, and I worked in a t-shirt.

Catelli said...

Don't make me come out there!

I'll bring the snow with me!

John Lee said...

" I really do hope these selfish fucks send themselves straight to hell."

With luck, before they reproduce, thus contributing to the eventual improvement of the species.

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree that humans are a vile species. Never mind how they drive, look how many of them behave when empowered. You can see this anywhere from politics to the workplace. I loathe the fact that I have to exist as one of them...among them. Dammit.

Stupid, petty, insignificant creatures that serve no purpose. They consume, crap, and procreate. Wonderful. As if the current population of filth wasn't enough, they have to rut to create more of their useless kind...each generation dumber than the first.

I long for the day we're wiped out. I swear. If I had the power and the means to do so, I would do it myself. As it is, the only thing capable of wiping this disease from the face of this planet would be some catastrophic event such as a plague or an earth-killing asteroid.

I only wish I could live long enough to see it happen.

Then...peace at last.