Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Right to trample Rights.

That's what this guy is suing for.

"PRINCE ALBERT, Sask. -- A marriage commissioner is suing the Saskatchewan government after being fined $2,500 for refusing to marry a gay couple.

A Saskatchewan human rights tribunal cited Orville Nichols for discrimination in May for refusing to perform the same-sex marriage. Nichols told the tribunal last year that he refused to marry the couple in 2005 because it went against his Baptist faith.

Philip Fourie, Nichols' lawyer, said the lawsuit demands the province give marriage commissioners the legal right to not perform same-sex marriages if it conflicts with their religious beliefs.

Saskatchewan Justice Minister Don Morgan said the ruling is binding on the province."

Somebody needs to explain to this fool that his job is a civic one, not a religious function. If his religion is in conflict with his civic duties, he needs to leave his job and find another one. In a conflict of interest situation, you remove yourself from the process.

Anyway, I find it odd that he has no problems performing civil marriages for atheists and others not wishing religious ceremonies. Apparently performing marriages for those that deny God's existence, and/or do not believe that marriage is a sacrament does not bother him in the least.

Odd that. Because from what I remember from my time in church, those that deny God's existence are bigger sinners than homosexuals.

Not that its likely this will win, but if it does, I should sue for the right to only deal with non-religious civic officers. Because dealing with superstitious bigots is offensive to my beliefs.

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