Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The Second Coming will happen during US Election

Well, that's what it sounds like people are expecting will happen!

"Obama, being partly African, has the moral obligation to intervene in Africa," said Samuel Conteh, Managing Editor of The New Citizen, an independent local newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone. "The aspirations of Africans are very high, believing that he will change the social and economic situations of Africans."

Abu Jayyab said he hoped that Obama would help the Palestinians “achieve what the world could not, to help us to live in peace and to achieve our dreams.”

Imagining Obama in the White House frees my imagination. An American with an African background, a global bent of mind, an ecumenical Christian, a man who celebrates diversity of every kind is bound to bring constructive change to America and to the Middle East. Am I dreaming again? By "realists," I will be ridiculed for raising my hopes again.

Barack Obama could be a "genuinely transformative factor" for NATO, "which McCain simply could not be," said Daniel Korski, a senior fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations and a former adviser to the US State Department.

In contrast, a clear mandate would give President Obama and the Democrats a refreshing opportunity to demonstrate to the American people (and the world) that such power can be transformative and healing, rather than divisive. That it can be used to bring about real change with an agenda that truly tries to address the needs of all the people, not just some. That power can be used to actually get things done rather than using it solely to maintain it. That promises made by a presidential candidate in a campaign might not be empty but actually delivered upon. President Obama and the Democrats might even redefine what it means to be "patriotic" with "American values" in the 21st century, something which has been distorted by the Republicans during the last eight years as part of their "divide and conquer" strategy.

The weight of the whole world rests on the shoulders of this man. I can easily see Jesus Christ sighing in relief, "There but for the grace of GOD, go I".

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