Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Speaking of strange arguments....

I had a weird one with my boss today.

I went to his office to update him on a technical issue I'm trouble-shooting. An application we're deploying keeps freezing, and he expressed the hope its resolvable. I expressed that it may not be resolvable, as the application limits may be there for a reason like "there's a reason why there's a speed limiter in our cars that prevents us from exceeding 150 KM/H".

OK, it was a poor analogy. But my boss took the bait and proceeded to argue why he should be allowed to exceed 150 KM/H on the 401 when he feels its safe.

What. The. Fuck.

After that argument, I fully endorse the new Street Racing Legislation. What speed does he need to do that 150 KM/H doesn't accomplish? Doesn't he understand that he would be approaching the drivers doing the speed limit at over 14 m/s?

Sweet merciful Jesus. I will be driving the back roads home each night with a sense of relief from now on.


Raphael Alexander said...

It was strange adjusting to Vancouver driving since people here rarely exceed 90kph, and the limit is exactly that. In Toronto it's 100kph, but everyone does 120-130. 120 is actually pretty slow. When I got here it seemed everyone was going slow, but now I know better.

People in Toronto are insane.

Catelli said...

He ain't from Toronto... he's from Cambridge, like me.

Raphael Alexander said...

Quite so. But all the traffic along the 401, 403, 410 seems pretty crazy. I once came back from Guelph to Brampton doing 130 and I was getting passed.

I've only been to Cambridge once I admit, working on the new city hall. Rather a nice building it ended up being, although I personally prefer the older architecture in the city.

ADHR said...

Buffalo's scary. On I-190 once, we were doing 130, were pushed up to 150, and still got passed. Easily.

Although, Canadian and American drivers are generally less insane than European drivers. The stories I could tell of Portugal.

What seems to distinguish Vancouver and Toronto drivers is that the latter don't pay attention to anyone else on the road. It's not that they're stupid or crazy, they're just oblivious.

Catelli said...

I don't have a problem with driving fast. The speed we could drive is dependent on multiple factors, design of the highways, education of the drivers, weather conditions, etc.

However, on North American highways, Adam is right, many drivers are oblivious to what is going on around them. We don't maintain lane discipline (stay to the right, except to pass), people don't signal intentions, and many idiots brake and swerve at the last moment to catch an exit.

Speed doesn't kill, difference in speed kills. And we have too many differences in speed on our highways.

Raphael Alexander said...

I'm glad the speed laws are low here. People are not very skilled at operating motor vehicles here. At least in Ontario they cut you off with ruthless but efficient handling.