Friday, 14 November 2008

Windows 7 Smack Down!

Under the Hood, Windows 7 Is Vista's Twin

Bottom line: So far, Windows 7 looks, behaves, and performs almost exactly like Windows Vista. And it breaks all sorts of things that used to work just fine under Vista.

Windows Vista has permanently eroded the company's reputation among IT decision makers, and from what we've seen of Windows 7 so far, Microsoft still doesn't get it.

Long live Windows XP!


ADHR said...

I'm confused about the Vista hatred. I mean, it makes for cute ads in which John Hodgman gets to be weird and Justin Long tries to remember his lines, but in terms of the user experience, I don't see a lot of difference between XP and Vista.

One exception is I have a piece of software on my Vista-based laptop that worked fine on my XP-based tower, but now doesn't work and can't be uninstalled. But that's pretty minor compared to some of the fits 95 used to throw.

Ken Breadner said...

Your average n00b user will be irritated beyond belief with Vista's "allow/cancel" schtick. He won't know that can be turned off--and if he does discover you can, he'll blanch at the warning Microsoft throws at him. That's just one Vista annoyance among many.

ADHR said...

Does it really happen all that much? I barely see it.

Catelli said...

Enough that UAC is the first thing I disable.

Once a computer is setup with everything you intend to use, it should be more infrequent.
I hate confirming every single change I make, it slows me down and wastes my time. I need to get a computer setup ASAP and doing 100 or so confirmations really adds up.

ADHR said...

Point taken. Although, it is sort of nice to know when something makes a registry change or contacts a remote server. I don't think Vista actually has that, fairly useful, function, though.