Monday, 1 December 2008

Constitutional Crises Random Thoughts

Even though I'm a "progressive liberal" (whatever that means), I still have delightful schadenfreude about the big time Harper take-down happening in Ottawa. Admittedly, the recession will probably serve to be the Liberals undoing. But I don't care.

Nice thing about being non-partisan. I really don't give a shit. I get to watch the Conservatives implode over losing the government. The Liberals and NDP can frig themselves out of existence for all I care. And the best part is, the fun is just beginning. Wait for the knives to come out amongst the Conservatives. Martin-Chretien will be a minor spat in comparison. Woo Ha! Start making popcorn! We is gonna have ourselves a real show for the next while.


With all the political fireworks happening in Canada, you'd think it make international news in some way. Nope. Go ahead, check out all the major networks. CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, BBC. In the Americas section they report every fart, belch and vacuous statement that comes out of Chavez. Canada's constitutional crises, not a flippin' peep. Especially in the US, you'd think government instability in their largest trading partner would elicit some interest.


I happen to agree that killing the taxpayer funding of political parties was a bad idea. That $1.95 for my vote is the ONLY reason I voted in the last election. It was my way of funding the party of my choice (the Green Party). Without that, I wouldn't have bothered voting as it would have been a waste of time.

Regardless, no matter how you feel about taxpayer funding; it was an assault on democracy. This wasn't about saving money. The Conservatives saw an opportunity to cut the legs out from the three opposition parties opposing them. One or more of the parties would go bankrupt (most likely the Liberals) and the parties left would be too weak to oppose the Conservatives effectively in parliament. The Conservatives get a de facto majority. They knew full well the true effects of their legislation. It wasn't about saving money, it was about silencing the opposition.

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