Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Good Grief

Jesus, Mohammed and Shiva! Maybe I haven't earned my stripes yet, but fellow atheists, grow the fuck up please.

Quick backgrounder: An atheist formally complains because a public library chose to have a nativity scene prominently displayed. People, quite unsurprisingly, react.

The gist of his argument is this. The US is a secular democracy where separation of church and state is the law. (The same thing happens up here too.)

Arguing about Christmas displays in public places is such a mind numbingly waste of time. I have no problem with religious icons being displayed in public places during a national public religious holiday. Why not? Because religious symbols during a state sanctioned religious holiday is entirely consistent. Yes it is inconsistent with the notion of church/state separation, but the inconsistency lies with the holiday observed, not the symbols of that holiday.

If as an atheist (or a non-christian) you have a problem with a particular religion being supported by the state, attack the existence of the holiday itself. Organize a petition asking for the removal of Christmas (and Good Friday, and if you want Thanksgiving) as national holidays. Hell, I'd even sign it. Propose Dec. 5th as Santa Claus day or something as a replacement for Christmas day.

Protesting a nativity display during Christmas is akin to protesting the brass pole in a strip club. You're stirring up resentment without a clear intended result. Its just being childish, immature and needlessly petulant.

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