Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Idiot says what?

What if Canada had a coalition government and nobody came?

All 143 Conservative MPs resign, effective immediately .... It delegitimizes the coalition. Without a functioning opposition, the coalition would be unencumbered by dissent within Parliament, either on the floor of the House, or in committee.

Ponder that statement for a moment. The numb-minding idiocy behind it will come to you, I'm sure.


ADHR said...

Now, now... let's not dismiss Janke too quickly. There's something to what he says. After all, if 143 MPs quit, then there would have to be 143 by-elections. If these MPs aren't just wasting everyone's time, then they won't stand for re-election. Meaning either the Cons are removing themselves completely from federal politics, or the riding associations will actually get to appoint candidates that they really want to support.

It's not that bad of an idea, when you think about it -- although likely not for the reasons Janke is raising.

Catelli said...

The idea might have merits, as you suggest, its Janke's justifications that are stark raving mad.