Monday, 8 December 2008

If they can't govern themselves...

Why should we let them govern the country?

Talk about letting the small issues decide the big ones.

The Liberals have two big problems.

Problem 1) They need to select a new leader to have any hope of engaging the electorate in a general election.
Problem 2) They need the membership involved in the leadership selection to keep support amongst the membership.

Solve problem 2 first. Hold a one member, one vote leadership election BEFORE parliament is scheduled to resume. Leave Dion as leader until then (or go leaderless). Regardless of the small problems that creates. For instance, Liberal party memberships expire Dec. 31. OK, extend the memberships by 1 month. Solved.
Next, what method of voting should be used? Have the ridings set themselves up as local polls, have members mark their ballots and count the damn things. Simple, low tech and effective. Done. We can do it in a general election, I don't see why a party can't follow those basics for a leadership election. KISS principle, don't mess with what works, etc.

If they get their heads out of their asses and ACT, and deal with the trivialities as they come up, the Liberals might show on a small scale how to deal effectively with a crisis. The Liberals have to understand this simple fact, the Liberal party is in crisis. How they handle that offers insight in how they'll handle a crisis while in government.

So, screw up the solution to Problem 2, and the Liberals will definitely screw up on Problem 1.

I put money (3-1) on the Liberals screwing it up.....

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