Friday, 12 December 2008

Simple Answers to Complex Questions

Or will this downturn be deep and long enough to convince us of the error of our ways?


Or to answer the question of this post:

Are we doomed to build another bubble?



ADHR said...

Sorry for the threadjack here. I don't see anywhere that I can contact you off the blog.

I know you're an IT dude, so, do you have any recommendations for a reasonably reliable (and reasonably low-cost) backup method, that could handle about 300 GB at a time? I've been relying on a DVD-burner, which is a bit of a pain (4 GB at a time) and not all that reliable. I was thinking tape drive, but they ain't cheap and they're not easy to come by, oddly enough.

Catelli said...

Are you sure about the 300GB at a time? That's a crap load of data to backup.

Off the to of my head you're looking at a LTO Ultrium 3 or 4 drive, which will set you back at least $3500. Tapes (400GB of storage each)will set you back $60 per.

This will only work with a tower computer (not a laptop) as you will need a SCSI card, which is another $200, and maybe a cable for about $50.

Up front costs (assuming 7 tapes to do 7 backups) is over $4000.

And yeah that's the cheap solution.

We should talk, so I can find out what your needs are, what your budget is, and then maybe we can work out a solution.

E-mail cdnclosetliberal (a) yahoo dot ca

olaf said...


You're bang on here.