Tuesday, 2 December 2008

What do Canadians Want?

Ken points out that 82% of Canadians do not want an Liberal-NDP coalition.

According to the last election, 62.4% of Canadians didn't want Harper as PM.

Conventional wisdom has it that the majority of Canadians, even in the west, do not want another election.

So, if we don't want an election and we don't want a coalition government, therefore Canadians want the opposition parties to sit down and shut up and do everything Harper asks. Let Harper govern like he has a majority, even though he doesn't.

Crazy isn't it? I can only conclude that Canadian society is made up of a schizophrenic grab-bag of the clinically insane.


Ken Breadner said...

And see: you lost your race.
No, no, a thousand times no: what Canadians want is precisely what you articulated in your recent post: a government that works together. They do not want games played either to grab power or to cling to it. Canada has always been a "power with" rather than a "power over" sort of country. Harper makes me ill; so do Dion and Layton.

Maybe we should try things without a government for a while. Whaddaya think? Given what all hasn't been getting accomplished the last couple of weeks, I doubt we'd notice a difference.

Catelli said...

There's crazy and there's crazy. This is normal crazy. World-wide madness would make this crazy look like a mild rash.

We need some sort of government. Mainly because I don't want to do the work. Maybe a benevolent dictatorship?

And no that doesn't mean Harper. He wouldn't know benevolent if a hungry orphan asked him for food.

Ken Breadner said...

Depends. Is it a Liberal bear? He shoots those.
That Global National poll I referred to was either hijacked or people's opinions are shifting rapidly: 36% are for the coalition, 41% against. Much more respectable numbers. Still concerned, I gotta say, about what the Bloc's getting out of this in exchange for their support. If it wasn't for that I think I'd be enthusiastically for this whole thing...if only at the prospect of *somebody* doing some G-ddamn governing.