Thursday, 4 December 2008

What they said

What Andre Coyne said.

What Andrew Potter said.

What Olaf said.

What John said.

I supported (and still support if it survives) the coalition as presented. Why? It was, in my view, the least evil of all options. Boy, doesn't that just describe Canadian politics over the last 4 years huh? All of our options over the last three elections haven't about who's best qualified to run the country, its who is the least worst.

Liberals aren't necessarily liberals, Conservatives aren't acting conservative and the NDP don't act sane. But we play the hand we're dealt, and make our choices. We leave feeling soiled, somehow legitimizing a process that is no longer pure of purpose or intent.

Oh well. So parliament is prorogued. Time to make lemonade out of lemons.

First step, both Dion and Harper HAVE TO GO NOW. The Liberals especially need to either drop the convention and do a quick mail-in ballot or move the convention up. They have less than 7 weeks to pick a new leader. That's the reality, which they will ignore. But if they want to have any chance of rebuilding public support, Dion has to go now. Otherwise they'll hit the toilet faster than a Taco Bell bean burrito.

And so does Harper. Don't read to much into this poll. If "none of the above" or "anyone but them" were options, then I guarantee you those would garner near 80% support. Harper is being seen as the least evil choice, not the best. If Canadians were genuinely inspired by his leadership over the last few weeks, well, I'm not sure I want to be a Canadian anymore. That's a very depressing concept.

If both the Liberals and the Conservatives start the next session with new leadership, there's a vastly better chance of them working together and avoiding another election. (Unless you think there's an honest chance of a Conservative-NDP or Conservative-BQ alliance. I think you're smoking the funny stuff if you beleive that. However, I would have called you crazy if 6 weeks ago you honestly beleived the Libs-NDP-BQ would form a coalition government.)

Parliament has been poisoned by this latest crises. We need a symbolic clean sweep to move forward and two new party leaders are the best way to achieve that.

PS Unless John Baird becomes the next Conservative leader. Then we're doomed, DOOMED I tell you!

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Raphael Alexander said...

Hey, it's true in a way. "We're better off with Harper" isn't exactly like saying "We're the best". It's like saying, "we all suck hard, but what are ya gonna do? Vote for us anyway."