Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Which party represents the will of the people?

The right answer is: None of them
Or more accurately: All of them.

No one party represents the will of the people and has the sole right to govern. This is the one overlooked point that sears my soul and has me beseeching the stars for wisdom and guidance.

I swear, the next fuck that says with a straight face, "The Conservatives had a mandate to govern" or "the people didn't vote for Stephane Dion" or some other twaddle is going to get a fist in their face. Better hope I get that wisdom and guidance instead.

Look people, it doesn't matter how we slice it. For a minority government to work, at least two parties have to put aside their differences and work together. This is the point that Harper and his loyal minions refuse to understand. If he had reached across the aisle to only ONE party, he would have been governing for the next four years in relative peace. Instead, he believed in the holy power of mandate and tried to rule by fiat. He pooched things so bad, that three party leaders that really do not work together that well came together anyway because they believed working with Harper was even worse. Do you not understand how profound that is?

The only mandate the MPs in the House of Commons have, is to make the government work for the people. That's it. And that responsibility is shared by all MPs, whether in opposition or in government. If by working together, two or three parties decide they can make things work better than any single party, all power to them. Our system was designed to let this happen for a reason.
Rejecting this outcome outright is a rejection of our parliamentary democracy. Which means changing our entire political system.

I don't think we need to go there. Our system has worked pretty well for us for the last 141 years. So everyone, take a deep breath, step back and ratchet back the end of world rhetoric will ya?

PS: Exactly


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more!!!!Bring on democracy in action.....

Ken Breadner said...

Well put, sir. Very well put.

Ken Breadner said...

Global National's poll (admittedly perhaps a tad unscientific) has 82% of Canadians against the coalition. That does give one pause for thought, no?