Friday, 9 January 2009

And on a personal note

Say about 3 years ago you express to your management that we need to implement process x to prevent y from happening. Imagine that y has actually happened once already as proof that x is needed.

Imagine that process x wasn't implemented because management works best when denying requests for new systems. (That's what management does, does it not?)

Imagine that y happens. And its worse than expected.

Well Y is the Conficker virus. We call it the Confucker virus. This virus is anally raping over 1000 workstations and servers in 4 states and 6 provinces in our company. It locks out network accounts, causes machines to mysteriously reboot, interrupts network communications and proves to be really REALLY difficult to remove.

8:53 am Wednesday, January 7th is when this doom descended on us.

Good news is, project X has finally been approved.....

Course its too late to help us with this problem!

See you on the other side. If I don't jump off a cliff in anger and despair first!

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