Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Conservatives to Canadians: Just trust us, you stupid, us smart.

You don't realize you miss something until its gone... Specifically, the noted lack of attack ads from the Conservatives the last few weeks. If there's been an upside to proroguing parliament, that's been it.

Until today.

On the radio on the way home from work I hear (I'm paraphrasing, I don't have perfect memory).

Woman 1: "Remember that coalition nonsense last year?"

Woman 2: "Oh yeah, I'm glad that's all over with."

Woman 1: "Maybe not, I hear they plan to vote down the budget."

Woman 2: "Oh no! Not in this current economic climate."

Ominous male voice: "Call your MP today and tell them to not play games and vote for the budget. If they bring down the government, hell will break loose, your flesh will peel from your bones and your dog will be whipped to death with wet spaghetti noodles."

Honestly. I'm supposed to call my MP, and tell him to support the budget EVEN THOUGH NO ONE HAS SEEN IT YET. If that's the way it should be, lets turn ourselves into a dictatorship, hand the reigns to Stephen Harper and do away with this messy holding votes business, serious consideration and consultation shtick. Its wasting time. After all, the budget is our salvation, anything else will be a disaster.

Conservatives: Treating us like idiots one ad at a time.

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