Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Happy Bush Freedom Day!

It probably says more about me, but am I the only the one that celebrates today because of who is no longer President rather than who will be?

I can't get that worked up about BHO. I haven't seen anything he's done, so I have nothing to pass judgment on.

To rebut Raphael somewhat, its not just Canadians that love symbolism. Take a look down south. This whole day is about the symbol that is Barack Obama, not the man.

If Barack's genes had made him a white male, with straight brown hair, would we be celebrating his inauguration as the first African American president? Would there be throngs and throngs of people chanting his name? Would there be all night parties and buses full of foreign citizens wishing to witness this day? Not a chance. Even though, his ancestry is truly, half African, half American. This isn't about being African-American, its about being black.

Today, is an orgasmic celebration of skin colour. I grant that America needs this symbol, as part of its healing process. Quite possibly the exuberance being expressed is a natural outcome of historical events. But I really hope that tomorrow people will separate the symbol from the man.

Today the USA will have a new President. The Presidential office is more than a symbol, it is real power, authority and responsibility. I prefer to wait and judge the man based on his record and decisions, the power he wields and the wisdom he does or does not show.

Don't get me wrong, I am happy that BHO won the Presidency. I believe him to be the best option, by a long shot. I understand the historic significance of a black man holding the highest office. But that should be a foot note to his presidency, and not the reason he is President.

I wish him the best of luck, and may President Obama be everything America needs and more. But today I am happier that George W. Bush is gone.

PS Sir Francis and I are in accordance with one another.

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