Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Well THAT was fun

Almost -20 degrees C, and it was raining during the drive home. Yes raining. In January, during sub zero temperatures.

When it hit the road it froze on contact, creating a nice glassy surface. Over 50 kph my car started doing weird twisting. Accelerate the car would pull right, brake slightly it would pull left. Cruise along and it would twist. That was a first for me in over 20 years of driving.

Passed two cars in the ditch and one jack-knifed tractor trailer between Brampton and Cambridge. The most surprising thing is, given the conditions, I'm surprised half the cars on the road weren't in the ditch. It was THAT bad.

At least I made it home skin and car intact.


Ken Breadner said...

That's nuts. If you hadn't saw it/said it, I wouldn't have believed it!
-27 right now, and they're saying it's so cold the road salt is frozen. So be careful driving in.

Ken Breadner said...

seen it/said it. My brain's frozen, too.

Catelli said...

Ahhh Winter. Life would be so boring and predictable without it.