Thursday, 26 February 2009


I was going to send a private e-mail to Mader and Olaf, as publicly stating this will probably mean having my liberal credentials revoked, but what the hell.

This is my favorite conversation I've read online, period. Olaf and Mader have an honest thought provoking discussion about conservatism in Canada and where it needs to go. Ideas! Discussion! Rational thought! I think I had a mindgasm.

If the Conservative party had guys like this running the show, an election win wouldn't be a "historical accident". Ok, enough gushing like a school-girl now.

Mader theorizes that the 2006 election short-circuited the Conservative movement rebuilding exercise. Essentially a single victory made them throw out anything resembling a long term strategy, I couldn't help thinking of the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Gilmore/Clark years got us so close to the big prize, that the TML spent years trying to buy the Stanley Cup instead of building the team. I bring this up, because I wonder if this paralell will make it into Harper's hockey book.


Ken Breadner said...

That's a remarkable insight, Catelli, and very true. If the Liberal Party hadn't split right down the middle like rotted wood; if AdScam hadn't happened; if Martin had shown even a trifle more of a spine; if, if, if...

Catelli said...

Thank Mader for it, the thought hadn't occurred to me until he put it that way. And then I simplified it and threw in a hockey metaphor.