Wednesday, 25 March 2009

What Fatherhood Has Taught Me So Far

Lesson 1)

Did you ever have to clean up after the family dog? Did you have to suppress a gag reflex when cleaning up something particularly nasty?

I did. Scooping poop made me gag every time. And if the dog threw up, mom had to deal with it. I just couldn't, or else I'd add to what the dog did.

Two boys later? Oh am I ever cured of that. If you think that shit only comes in two forms (solid and otherwise) have you ever got a lot to learn....

Lesson 2)

I'm old enough that when I was born, it was de rigueur to have male babies circumcised. That has completely changed. Neither of my boys were clipped, they are all natural.

My eldest son has transitioned into cotton underwear from pull-up diapers. One night I was running a bath for him while he shed his clothes.

Stuck in his foreskin was rolled up bits of cotton. Foreskin-jam if you will.

It never entered my mind that such a thing could happen.

Daddy had to pick it out.

I suspect for my son it felt a bit like removing stitches does.

It wasn't pleasant for either of us.

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