Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Another major corporation disses their customer base

Yet another confession, hold on, this ones a doozy.

I'm a bigger Toronto Blue Jays fan than I am a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. I'm probably the only person in Canada that is pissed the daily sports report devotes more time to the NHL playoffs that to Blue Jay coverage even though the Leafs are out.

Yeah I'm weird, deal with it.

Tonight the weather is finally nice enough to sit outside and enjoy a good cigar and a cold beer. Knowing the Jays were playing, I wanted to listen to the radio broadcast.

One problem, the only portable radio we own is in one of my son's bedrooms and I just put them to bed. Not wanting to wake them, an idea struck me. Why not just take my laptop outside, and stream the radio broadcast?

I found out why. Major League Baseball (and the Toronto Blue Jays organization) will not allow any members of the Blue Jays radio network to stream the live broadcasts over the internet. Can you believe that shit?

Why the hell not? I did wind up sneaking into the bedroom and retrieved the radio without waking my son, so I am listening to it. But why am I forced to use the radio? They have to be of the opinion that online broadcasts are too easy to steal. More likely they really are dumb enough to think that people would sooner pay to listen through the MLB GameDay service than listen to a free radio broadcast.

If true, I'm of half a mind to regularly connect the radio to the line-in jack on my laptop, record the broadcasts and distribute them as podcasts just show MLB how mind-fuckingly stupid they are being.

Idiots. I keep saying you treat me like a potential criminal, I'm going to start acting like one. Wake up numbskulls and join the 21st century.

In the meantime Aaron Hill just smacked one over the fenced in the 3rd inning to put the Jays on top of the Twins 4-2.

Updater Vernon Wells just made it 5-2 with a solo shot. Woo Hoo!


ADHR said...

Doesn't this apply to every media company ever?

(Baseball's more fun in the US, incidentally. They go way over the edge in terms of crazy ballpark shenanigans.)

Ken Breadner said...

Geez, they're smacking the ball around this month.
I was checking the sites I use for streaming and nada. It's gotta be somewhere. In this day and age, EVERYTHING's online somewhere...

Catelli said...

Oh probably. That's the idiotic part. However, it is more convenient to just use a radio. Which brings up another aspect, the convenience.

The really stupid part of the GameDay angle is that they're punishing the local sports fan. I can't listen to my local radio station covering the local team over my computer.

If I were a rabid BaseBall fan that wanted to follow as many games as possible, then subscribing to GameDay might be more worthwhile because its more convenient. I don't have to track the various media outlets that may or may not stream quality radio broadcasts over the Internet. I would have one source to cover all my baseball needs. So they already have an angle and a potential market.

Pissing off the local fan that can still choose to use a radio over a computer is just not good business. Its the kind of thing that could turn fans off baseball altogether, and that's just not profitable to anyone.