Friday, 17 April 2009

Humanity Scares the Crap out of Me

When I read this, chills ran up my spine.

“There is no doubt in my mind that one day, we will be able to alter precipitation patterns in a predictable manner," says Hosler. "But that will be some time in the future," he predicts. " We will have to improve our understanding of cloud physics and dynamics, our ability to monitor weather on a real-time basis, and better understand the physical processes going on in clouds."

What is wrong with us? Controlling the weather is one of those recurring pipe dreams. Maybe it would be nice if we could turn off or prevent damaging storms. But all that energy has to go somewhere. If not where nature is going to put it, then where? But this story isn't about saving human life from disaster. Its about redistributing rainfall.

In 1951, a Senator from the arid state of New Mexico introduced the Weather Modification Act, which proposed the establishment of a commission to control U.S. weather with the goal of creating “an equitable distribution of precipitation among the states.”

Weather is unfair. Therefore we have to control it in such a way to make it equal amongst all citizens. I.e. someone can own a rain cloud. Gee, this concept is working well for them now isn't it? The insanity behind this concept cannot be adequately described. The fact that such a thought can be conceived tramples all concepts of logic or reason. Imagine the lawsuits. The state of Kansas filed suit against the state Colorado this weekend for allowing rain to fall in greater proportion than the "Rainfall Fair Share Act" allows. While states squabble over the precious resource lawyers stand to gain the most as the legal costs are expected into the hundreds of millions.

Fortunately this idea is well in the realm of science fiction, for now. But if it ever becomes reality, I will be one of those cheering when humanity drives the bus of civilization over the cliff. We'll have richly deserved it.

Updater But then we always get another reason to hope we will find the right track.

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