Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Maybe we should ease up on the smoking bans...

Now they're looking for a new target:
"Alcohol is a big problem in Canada as it is in lots of countries. It's our favourite drug and we need to be aware of the risks," Stockwell says.

"A number of us in Canada are at risk of problems from drinking - with our own drinking or other people's drinking. And it's large enough problem that we need to consider how to consider how to regulate its availability properly. It's price and availability."

I say this after smoking a cigar and quaffing 4 beers.

Sincerely, fuck the hell off. Thank you very much.


ADHR said...

Hm. I see the logic in preventing people from drinking and driving. I don't see the logic in preventing people from being drunks. Providing necessary services to stop people from being drunks is they want to stop, fine. But this is a little close to dictating a particular way of life -- rather than encouraging people to choose it.

I'm not sure it parallels smoking bans, though. Smoking does pose a demonstrable risk to others -- it's more analogous to drinking and driving than just to drinking.

Catelli said...

On no, it doesn't parallel smoking bans.

I'm just positing (in a reactionary non thought out kind of way. Remember, I was drinking when I wrote that) that since smoking (and trans fats) have been virtually eliminated as social evils, they're moving on to the next target.

The next logical state in nanny statism is to remove alcohol from society. Create a puritan type state, that's the angle I was coming from. If they still had to fight off smoking, then they'd be leaving alcohol alone.

Will S. said...

Every week or two, you see in the news, one study which says moderate drinking is good for you; then later in the week, you see another saying that drinking any amount, is no good for you. This goes on, over and over.

They used to do the same thing with eggs; one day, they'd tout the benefits of lots of eggs; another day, they'd go on about the high cholesterol.

They used to do the same thing with bran and fibre.

They used to do the same thing with carbs; at one point, pasta was a good thing, and ditto whole-grain rice and breads; then, carbs were the anti-Christ.

And on it goes. And the media reports it all.

They worried about a new ice age in the seventies; from the nineties till recently they worried about global warming; now they're smarter, and just say they're concerned about climate change.

Fuck all the experts; they all got their heads up their asses, and don't know what they fuck they're talking about. The more educated they are, the more likely they are to hold insane views, too. Left and right, they're all idiots, and self-serving ones, at that. Fuck 'em all. Don't believe anyone or anything, even me. (Why should you take my word for anything?)

Catelli said...


LOL. Consider yourself disregarded.

Will S. said...