Friday, 1 May 2009

Hah! I knew it!

I've always been a supporter of bans on large dog breeds. Being randomly attacked from behind by a German Shepard will do that to you.

Its not that I don't trust large dogs, or think that they are inherently violent (though some breeds are more docile than others). Its the owners I don't trust. I've always believed that generally speaking, humans are too stupid to be properly responsible for another creature.

And now we have proof!

According to Joaquín Pérez-Guisado, the main author of the study and a researcher from the UCO, some of the factors that cause aggressiveness in dogs are: first-time dog ownership; failure to subject the dog to basic obedience training; spoiling or pampering the dog; not using physical punishment when it is required; buying a dog as a present, as a guard dog or on impulse; spaying female dogs; leaving the dog with a constant supply of food, or spending very little time with the dog in general and on its walks.


Ken Breadner said...

I don't agree with banning dogs, even pit bulls (though I waver on them; their whole purpose is to injure...) I say stiffen the penalties. If a dog in your care attacks someone, that's assault with a weapon. And if it god-forbid kills someone, then that's manslaughter or worse.

Catelli said...

My opinion is coloured by my experience. I still have the scars from the attack I suffered, oh 25 years ago now.

But I'm more freaked out now, because I've had to jump in front of my kids while walking down the sidewalk because some idiot let their Rottweilers run loose on the street. Nothing like parenthood to turn on the paranoia factor.

People are just too shit stupid, and charging them AFTER the fact offers little solace if one of my sons is mauled by an over eager 200 pound dog that "just wanted to play".