Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Addendum to Sir Francis

In support of his argument here, it is completely normal for private sector companies to award large contracts without a tendering process.

eHealth Ontario is operating exactly like a business would. Right down to the cronyism, contracts, bonuses and inflated expenses.

So to anyone that really wants government to run like a business, you should be lining up behind eHealth Ontario and the Ontario Liberals and cheering them on.


ADHR said...

Depends on the industry, surely. In the utility industry, it's rare to not at least go through the motions of a tendering process.

Catelli said...

I would say it depends on the ownership and internal governance.

All my experience is in the private sector, in manufacturing and finance, so I admit there are other industries outside my direct experience.

Now ask me if cronyism and untendered contracts are necessarily a bad thing...