Friday, 12 June 2009

Ban the Chicken!

Sorry Saskboy, but I'm all for keeping chickens out of urban areas.

About 4-5 years ago, we came back from our summer vacation to learn our neighbours behind us had put in a chicken coop. From a health perspective I was concerned, as my yard is downhill from theirs, and the thought of chicken effluent running into my yard was not a happy one.

But what drove us nuts was the noise. They never, ever, ever shut up. From sunrise to sunset it was constant clucking. I couldn't sit and enjoy my backyard anymore.

We have a fenced in yard, so I can let my dog out to run freely. But I had to start tying him up in a fenced in yard because he would bolt for the fence to try to get to the chickens.

So I called bylaw enforcement, and the chickens got taken away. And its been a lot more peaceful ever since.

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Ken Breadner said...

I'd imagine the smell was none too pretty, either...