Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Let me understand this

Toronto should "fuck off" because its infrastructure bid won't create jobs in the 416 area.

He [Baird] said Toronto's submission is ineligible because it doesn't focus on job creation within the next two years in the 416 area.

But it will create jobs in the 807 area.

Councillor Linda Rydholm of Thunder Bay, home of the Bombardier plant, said the project needs approval. "Our workers need the contract to continue or start."

This is new. Before the Conservatives were proving quite adept at exacerbating inter-provincial tensions. This is the first time I've seen them try to create intra-provincial tensions.

Thunder Bay vs. Toronto! North vs. South! Threaten to Separate! Threaten to Separate!


Ken Breadner said...

Rock <--Me--> Hard Place

Dislike Tories intensely. However, feel David Miller is a giant ambulatory arsehole.
*smashes head*

Catelli said...


I guess it gives you no comfort then that Miller and Baird have kissed and made up?