Wednesday, 17 June 2009

People Are Stupid - Rant

What would you do if you got the following e-mail?

From: Rita Gibbons []

Good evening
Dear Credit Card Holder:

The last transaction report on your credit card shows a number of transactions that have questionable background. That gives us reasons to believe that your credit card details have been stolen, and your card has been abused for making unauthorized payments.

Enclosed is the listing of transactions made with your credit card between 13.06.2009 and 15.06.2009. Please look through the enclosed document carefully and pay special attention to the last three of the listed transactions – they are the ones that we suspect to be fraudulent.

Please find time to review the enclosed account statement and confirm the transactions you have authorized in person. This would help us both to have this issue resolved as quickly as possible.

The Word-formatted copy of your transaction list:

I cannot believe the number of people that have forwarded this message to me asking "Is this a scam?"

Of course it is you fucking morons!

You get an e-mail that doesn't mention your name, the company it represents, a means to verify the information or even a "legitimate Word-formatted copy of your transaction list" (the file is an EXE, a program, not a DOC). Look at the e-mail address! (A credit card company at Look at the link (What the hell is

The whole message screams its a scam. There's not one damn thing that appears to be legit.

I'm sorry, but any idiot that actually clicks that link and downloads that program to their computer deserves to have their identity stolen, their home and car repossessed. Hell, their brain should be ripped out and replaced with another one. Anyone that clicks that link "is too stupid to possess a body" never mind own a computer!

(As an aside, that story is an urban legend. I first saw that story back in 1995. In 1998 someone called me for support from home because their computer wasn't working. He asked if it would have anything to do with the power outage. His logic was that his phone was working, so his computer should too....)

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ADHR said...

Wait, so there are people who are smart enough to fill in credit card applications, but dumb enough not to realize your credit card company will call or write to you with account details?

Actually, I'm not really surprised about that. I just wanted to point it out. :D