Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Self Imposed Silence

Due to my RL workload and my overall disinterest in the world in general at the moment, I am going to take break from blogging. I think, I hope. Maybe, who knows. Its hard for us opinionated assholes to keep things to ourselves, so we'll see if I can keep to my self imposed silence.

Over the last couple of months a general malaise has seeped into my consciousness. I just don't have it in me at the moment to debate stuff and make pithy comments. It is my hope that by taking this break my mental batteries will recharge, and I'll be able to resume posting with vigor and (hopefully) intelligence.

So for the next 2.5 months I will not be adding any entries, commenting on other people's posts and in general shall become invisible on the blogosphere.

Until then, fare thee well, and I'll see you all again September firstish!

For those that have my RL work e-mail, feel free to drop me a line if you have any other tech questions.


Sir Francis said...

I certainly hope you fail to hold to your resolution not to post comments on other blogs. Your snark is always welcome at my place. Anyways, why not comment elsewhere on occasion?

Catelli said...

Its a reverse crack addict type thing. I need to go cold turkey so that the withdrawal symptoms will be at a feverish pitch come September.

If I take the occasional "hit" participating on other blogs, it'll provide mini fixes that will impede my progress.

I need to go cold turkey. Otherwise I fear my current disinterest will continue to the point that I will drop off altogether.

Catelli said...

But thanks! Its nice knowing my snark is appreciated!

Christopher Parsons said...

My bloglist will be a little less fun to read through the summer :(

I totally get the going away for a bit - done it myself in the past, and it can be very helpful in refueling the batteries. Hope that the RL workload isn't getting you down!

Catelli said...

Don't worry, summer will be over before you know it, and I'll be back at it.

Come to think of it, that's a depressing thought!