Friday, 14 August 2009

Andrew Coyne's True Colours?

What I got out of this post, the wealthy should have more democratic representation than the poor because they pay more in taxes.

According to Andrew, the rich should have greater say in how taxes are distributed. Control the taxes, you control the government. Control the government, you control the country. Vive les riches!


ADHR said...

It reminded me of an infamous passage in Mill's On Liberty, where he argued that the educated and wealthy deserve more than one vote apiece, and those who receive public assistance or who are uneducated should not be allowed to vote at all.

Catelli said...

Indeed, if you just trust me as your superior, everything will work out.

Catelli said...

On a completely unrelated note:

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AC said...

Never said it. Never wrote it. Never thought it. You just completely made this up.

Catelli said...

*blush* he dropped by!

Acknowledged it isn't what you said. But it is implied. Your argument was that the richer provinces are subsidizing the wishes of the poorer BQ supporters. By extension, the richer citizens of the other provinces are subsidizing their poorer citizens. And this should stop because of that.

It isn't that big a leap to infer that the rich should have more rights than the poor.

ADHR said...

That was pretty much the implication I drew out, too. Otherwise, what's the objection? Voters whose incomes are above the national average pay more to support the BQ; and therefore... what? Or was that supposed to be the only point?

Re: the backup issue, I'm currently saving my pennies for a pair of 1TB external HDs. I figure that's probably the best solution for the amount of backing up I need to do. Although, given my packrat tendencies, I'll probably have to jump up to another pair of drives in less than 5 years... or maybe they'll have petabyte drives by then.... Weren't we talking earlier about how bandwidth demands keep going higher and higher...?

Catelli said...

*evil cackle* oh yeah, and those two demands are so heavily intertwined.