Friday, 14 August 2009

Justifiably Smug

CC pats himself (justifiably) on the back here:

Recall how, even with all the supporting evidence, Mohamud was basically screwed, and was only saved by the lucky fact that she had a son for DNA comparison testing (Ed: What if she had been a single female without children?), and how fucked over she would have been except for that. But what if it had been even worse?

What is she'd been mugged and robbed? What if she had showed up at the Canadian Consulate in Nairobi, claiming to have been assaulted and having all of her documents stolen? Or simply having lost them? And not having a close relative for DNA testing? Can any of us, even for a second, imagine how shit out of luck she would have been? She was treated like crap and abandoned by her government when she was loaded to the gills with supporting documentation. How contemptuously would she have been treated if she had had nothing, and arrived at the consulate, pleading for help and expecting that, as she was a Canadian, they were ready to help her out any way they could? Just imagine the scorn and derision that would have been heaped on her.

Jeebus. Am I ever glad I'm a native born white Canadian male. And I'm ashamed that I have to be thankful for that.


ADHR said...

Here's the part that scares me: what if no journalist had written about her? Would she be in a Kenyan jail right now, instead of safely home?

Catelli said...

To put it bluntly, yes. She probably would have been found guilty of fraud at the trial too, seeing as how consular officials were complicit in claiming her passport was a forgery.