Thursday, 20 August 2009

New Canadian Consular Assistance Form


Subject: New Consular Assistance Policy
To: All Canadian Citizens
From: Canada's tarnished but somewhat still newish New Government

When traveling abroad and in need of consular assistance, please be aware of this new procedural requirement. If you are in need of consular assistance, you would probably consider yourself in a SNAFU situation. As a helpful reminder, we have modified that acronym for your benefit. Just remember this term: GNAFO

Government Not A__________, Fuck Off

Select one of the following 9 Options:
1. Amused
2. Around
3. Available
4. Answerable
5. Accessible
6. Approachable
7. Accommodating
8. Agreeable
9. Accountable

Please fill out this form with the applicable choice filled in, and have ready to hand in to the consular official dealing with your case.

Make sure you have certified government identification with you so that we can expedite your GNAFO situation.


Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

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