Monday, 3 August 2009

Not a bad idea at all

The Mound of Sound has a reasonable proposition, How about free car insurance for short range electrics? The idea being that you would use one car for short-range use and another for medium to long range commutes beyond the range of the electric. It assumes that there is one driver, but two cars.

I suspect that the average family has more licensed drivers than vehicles (especially once teens get their licenses). So this idea won't work under the transferable licence plate idea put forth.

But, the concept has merit. Reward ownership of a short range electric by offering reduced insurance rates, and lower annual licensing fees (there wouldn't be any bi-annual breathalyzer requirement for an electric.) If the cost of ownership is low enough, its worthwhile enough for the average family. For families in urban areas, usually one adult has a shorter commute. My wife needs a vehicle to get groceries, drop the kids off at school, and do other in town errands. In short, an electric for intra-urban driving would be perfect.

When you factor in that driving only 5-6 kms at a time is really hard on a gasoline powered vehicle, and that city driving is the least efficient use of gasoline, an electric really becomes a no brainer. Electrics have their issues as long range commuters. Range, battery life, power charging times, etc. all are impediments to regular medium to long range driving. With current technology, intra-urban driving is the perfect environment for these vehicles. So why not reward and encourage it?

Speaking of which, bring on the Zenn already!


The Mound of Sound said...

Hi, glad you liked the piece. Actually it will work in families with multiple drivers because there's only one licence plate. It can't be on both registered vehicles at once regardless of who's at the wheel. Presumably there'd have to be some tough penalties for misuse - get caught with the plate on a vehicle not registered to it and the car is forfeit. That can be done.

Catelli said...

I have my doubts that many familieis would choose that option. But what the hell, make it an option, one policy, one plate, two cars.

Though for those of us that will have both vehicles on the road at the same time, a strong incentive to go electric for one vehicle would be of benefit as well.