Saturday, 22 August 2009

Perfect Moments

What is your prefect moment? What emotions comprise that perfect moment?

My perfect moment is this:

Its morning in one of Ontario's Provincial Parks. I'm making a breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs for my family.

That's all there is to it. That moment is my ideal mixture of peace, pleasure and relaxation. The peaceful ambiance of being outdoors in an Ontario forest, the smells of breakfast cooking and the happy chatter of my family in the background.

That's my perfect moment.

What's yours?


Ken Breadner said...

Umm, sometimes you scare me. I don't have a family to chatter in the background (well, my wife can provide *some* chatter...) but you've just described something very close to paradise for me...

Catelli said...

Should I throw in some fresh brewed coffee and add fresh wild blueberries to the pancakes?

ADHR said...

I'm with Ken. Can I steal your perfect moment, too?

A New England state park should probably work, in a pinch.

Catelli said...

Well, geez should I just expect you guys for breakfast next year?