Thursday, 6 August 2009

Playing with Fire

Idiots. Dangerous, selfish idiots.

Everyone living in Lillooet, B.C., can go home now that the flames threatening the town have stabilized, but despite the hellish horror that will keep them on edge, others in the province don't seem to get it.

Forests Minister Pat Bell says ministry staff have handed out 54 tickets to tourists, campers and residents who have been careless with fire in the woods.

He said last weekend when he was camping, he donned his Forests Ministry ball cap to confront some neighbours who had started a campfire, despite a province-wide ban.

People who ignore fire bans and light camp fires, are selfish, stupid proto-humans with no regard for safety or common sense. Jail isn't good enough. Their homes should be burnt to the ground for risking the lives and possessions of everyone around them.


vancouver real estate agent said...

Oh my God, this is quite horrible. You are right - stupid, selfish people. Did they not realize they are risking (not only) their safety? Well, I hope everybody is/will be fine.

Best regards, Jay.

Catelli said...

Its even more ludicrous when BC is under a heat wave. You obviously don't need a fire at night to stay warm...