Tuesday, 15 September 2009

On The Solar News Front

I can't remember what show or magazine twigged me to these guys, but I was intrigued enough to sign up for their newsletter almost 2? years ago.

I liked what they were trying to accomplish:

The holy grail of solar cost and capital efficiency has long been unlocking the key to how one could deposit a thin film of a semiconductor—100x thinner than a silicon wafer—using a printing process—100x faster than conventional high-vacuum deposition—and create an efficient, durable solar cell.
By delivering medium-efficiency solar cells at ultra-low cost, the optimum in cost efficiency and affordability is achieved for solar cells and panels. That's because the difference between an energy-conversion performance of 15% versus 20% is not even a factor of two while the difference between $20 and $200 in cost per square meter is a factor of ten. It's the solar power equivalent of trying to build a Toyota versus a Ferrari.

I've investigated installing solar on our home. Payback (even after I excluded batteries and went with a direct-to-grid system) was 10-15 years. Which was also the rough life expectancy of the panel. For the average home owner, cheap affordable solar just wasn't available yet.

Apparently we are a lot closer to this Holy Grail.

This week we announced the following news:

- Completion and inauguration of our solar panel factory

- Commencement of serial production in our cell and panel factories

- Launch of our Nanosolar Utility Panel product

Please see our new website for details: http://www.nanosolar.com

This is good news.

The bad news is, we're unlikely to see this in Canada any time soon.

But I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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