Monday, 21 September 2009

Scientifically Literate

I scored 12 out of 12. I feel good about myself today.

HT Bad Astronomy.


Ken Breadner said...

Your perfect score scared me...until I saw the questions. Now I'm scared that we scored better than 90% of the population. Those were *not* difficult questions.

Catelli said...

No, but we are being compared against a telephone poll. I do better taking tests visually rather than audibly.

Greater than 50% got 8 or more right.

Which is a larger percentage of people than those that pass history tests.

ADHR said...

12/12. w00t.

I tend to do pretty well on the history tests, too..... :P

Catelli said...

I'm more in the 50% range on history....

Of course I can never remember dates or names, which makes history tough (and social activities too. I can't remember phone numbers either)