Monday, 26 October 2009

Michael Bay is my Hero

I am a fan of movies based on cartoons. A movie based on Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Ironman etc. is at the top of my must-see list.

Myself and some other nerds of the same ilk rushed out to see the first Transformers movie, and were absolutely blown away. I purchased the movie when it came out on DVD, and my wife was instantly blown away as well. She's more picky about these types of movies, but Transformers became her favourite all time action move. We've watched that movie easily a dozen times together.

So when a sequel was announced, well the excitement in my household was more-so than when we got engaged. Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen was released, and the reviews were terrible.

Being horribly let-down, we never went to see it in the theatres. I avoided watching it, because I didn't want to ruin my joy in the original (similar to what happened with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. First movie awesome, last two, WHAT THE HELL? They sucked so much we haven't re-watched the first one. For another example, see Star Wars episodes 1-3.) Finally, my wife convinced me to rent Transformers, ROTF to see how bad it was.

Rented Saturday, watched it that night.

And we both loved it. Plot was dead simple and easy to follow (like 10 year old fanboy simple), and the movie was a continuation of the theme from the first one. Giant Alien robots come to earth and beat the crap out of each other, what's not to like? If you can answer that question with anything other than "nothing", well don't watch the movie. You're not the target audience.

My wife and I have been discussing the negativity surrounding the movie all weekend. Quite simply, we don't get it. Yes it has a cheesy plot with plot holes the size of Optimus Prime, but come on! The whole concept behind the friggin' movie is a giant plot hole.

Oh well, sorry if you didn't like the movie. My wife and I have added it to our Christmas Wish List and are stockpiling the popcorn. Now we have 2 awesome movies we can watch together back-to-back over and over again.

And I'm a very happy (and lucky!) man for it.


ADHR said...

This proves you have no taste. You liked the second Transformers movie and didn't like the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean movies? Which had richer plots, better characters, and -- what d'you call it -- acting?

Catelli said...

This proves you have no taste

Absolutely! Your point being??? ;)

POTC had better actors, but the third movie especially just drove the story right off the rails. They overcomplicated it IMHO. The first POTC movie is way better overall than the first (or second) Transformers movie. But its plot was dead simple, yet effective.

Catelli said...

BTW, did you like Transformers, ROTF?