Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Saw a Bumper Sticker Today

On a van with Ontario license plates I saw a bumper sticker that proclaimed: "Defeat Liberals, Use Logic and Reason"

huh. Apparently this individual shops here.

As for logic, its somewhat self defeating. It starts from the assumption that Liberals are always wrong. To base an argument on logic, you have to use facts, not assumptions.

Add in the fact that the bumper sticker was sourced from the US, with the democratic blue used for the word "Liberal" and republican red for the words "Logic" and "Reason". Up here, it looks like Conservative blue and Liberal red which muddies the message within the message.

I suspect that logic would go over the head of the owner of that particular vehicle. I would love to see his/her reaction when its pointed out to them that it appears they're mocking the Conservative party.


Sir Francis said...

The sticker probably comes free with any order of Rush Limbaugh's bath water off his website.

And yet...I don't know, man. I think you just might not be getting it here.

Personally, I find that bumper sticker pretty devastating. It really makes you think, ya know?

Catelli said...

Devastating how? That the level of discourse has degenerated so much?

Or that the idiots are feeling more confident in espousing their hatred of anyone not like them?

Sir Francis said...

I guess I'm not quite as good at communicating sarcasm as I thought I was... ;)

Of course the sticker is moronic--as is the owner, I presume. It's frightening that he's allowed to operate a motor vehicle unsupervised.

It's interesting how, when I wrote that bit about "my favourite fridge magnets" in my last post, I intended it as satire; and here you are, regaling us with an equivalent and equally depressing phenomenon--and it actually happened. A sad synchronicity.

Catelli said...

Ah the limits of text only communication.

It is a sad moment to realize your satire was more truth then you hoped.

On the upside, your prescience proved to be astounding. Maybe its a power that can be further utilized for the forces of good?

For instance, if you could forecast when such an individual can be caught unawares in a back alley, we could arrange a meeting to correct his wayward ways.

On a related note, do you prefer aluminum or wooden bats?


Sir Francis said...

On a related note, do you prefer aluminum or wooden bats?

Honestly, I'm more of a tire iron man, myself... ;)