Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Wait... What???

For the past 30 years Polanski has been shut out of American films or films made where America has an extradition treaty. No higher price can ever have been paid for a smaller amount of pleasure.

I've known for a longggg time now that Barbara Amiel was off her rocker. This is a new low.

Amiel defends Polanski's sex with a minor with the following logic:

The definition of childhood depends on the culture. Samantha was underage in California but not in South Korea or Spain. In more than 30 other countries the age of consent is 14.

Hey Barbara, in many countries it is OK, nay an obligation, for men to beat women. If what's OK over there is therefore OK over here, come over here so I can slap you.

What is even more frightening, this was the lucid argument in her editorial

Updater: Brian Johnson writes with the nuance that Amiel misses completely.

There may be a case for a mis-trial to be declared and for a new trial to be held. But Polanski should still be extradited and face a judge.

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