Thursday, 15 October 2009

What Alison said

She beat me to it.

Taser Int. prefers to lay all the blame on the mysterious "sudden death during restraint" due to "delirium".

You know, Taser, I think a simple test here would help clear up all this "uninformed speculation".

The problem is that we see people being tasered and then dropping dead - in that order. The RCMP has hundreds of recorded examples of drawing their TASER™ device and then not using it. If, as you contend, people die of delirium during restraint and not from being tasered, then all you have to do is produce the RCMP body of evidence that just as many delirious people drop dead before they are tasered as after.

I will add, that if Tasers are incapable of causing death, there should be a mountain of evidence showing that the number of deaths while being restrained BEFORE Tasers were issued to police departments is statistically the same as AFTER they were deployed.

Oh, and less politely. Fuck you Taser International, your mountains of lawyers, your biased studies and your deadly product. If you were half-way reasonable about this issue, and admitted that death could result, we could move forward with guidelines, tests and standards to ensure that Tasers are used in the safest manner possible. I do agree that a Taser is better than a gun in subduing a suspect, in that it is much less likely to cause death.

However, your intransigence and bull headedness around claiming that Tasers are 100% safe is making me think we should ban the product from Canadian soil.

If you're not willing to meet us half-way, then I'm not willing to meet you half-way.

So until you, Taser International, smartens up this Canadian citizen is advocating a complete and utter ban on Taser International Energy Conducting Devices being used by Canadian Law Enforcement Agencies.

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