Thursday, 26 November 2009


We received 6 of these the other day:

A nicely shrinkwrapped box. Oh yay, wonder what this is?

Right away there's a clue to the inherent contradiction in the purpose of this package.

Inside the box:

Nestled within some shredded carboard (Recycled packaging! How thought...) is a matryoshka doll type thing made out of a light wood. Pop them all open and each represents savings a company can achieve if they adopt IBM's DB2 Database platform.

Don't you just love marketing? I especially love it when the medium contradicts the message. Its even more poignant when recycled materials are used.

Do you really care about being green, IBM? Then don't ship bulky useless marketing materials!!!! One would have been bad enough. But our department alone got 6 of these things. Even worse for IBM, there's no way we'd adobt DB2 on our own. We don't write our own applications, we buy the prepacked ones. Which means we use the database system the application comes with. We don't get to choose the DB, and we couldn't switch if we wanted to (which we don't).

So to wrap up. IBM's marketing department comes up with a hypocritical environmental advertising campaign, randomly targets companies with no knowledge of their needs, and ships them multiple copies of the same advertising.

IBM, Massive FAIL!

PS: Marketing has to be the single greatest waste of resources for any company. The tons and tons of marketing materials printed, shipped and ultimately thrown out is as wasteful a process as any mankind has created. An industry that generates 100% waste with no ultimate product gets an additional FAIL.

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