Tuesday, 24 November 2009

It's Official

We're fucked.

A few days after leaked e-mail messages appeared on the Internet, the U.S. Congress may probe whether prominent scientists who are advocates of global warming theories may have misrepresented the truth about climate change.

It doesn't matter that these e-mails in fact don't show a damned thing, people are going to find what they want to find. Truth be damned.

But that's what the climate change denialists have been all about from the start. It's not surprising that the denialist movement is excited about squabbling between scientists. Conspiracy theorists will always cite anything they can find as "proof" of their quackery. However the debate war to do something about it has now certainly been irrecoverably lost. This is just one of those "facts" that you cannot explain away, not because there is no good reason, enough people just don't want the explanation.


ADHR said...

Ever want to travel back in time and give Jefferson et al a good smack upside the head? The US Congress is ridiculously dysfunctional -- it's barely capable of passing a crappy healthcare bill, and totally incapable of addressing the (very real, very serious) problem of climate change. Unreal.

Catelli said...

This is when I dream of that mythical benevolent dictatorship.