Thursday, 26 November 2009

Matter of Trust

So I believe these guys, and will continue to ignore idiots like this.

Colby Cosh's argument boils down to: I'm not a scientist, but I don't trust the models that scientists have come up with, reviewed, tweaked, modified and manage on a daily basis, so I want a non-scientist to review the data and the models created from that data.

Yeah good luck with that. That will produce an authoritative result.


Ken Breadner said...

Fair enough. My only issue with 'scientists' is the increasing degree that science is politicized. A real scientist would never seek to falsify or conceal data, no matter how strange that data seems.
I have no doubt that (a) climate change is happening and (b) we are at least partially the cause of it. To be brutally honest, I strongly doubt there's anything that we can do about it at this late date...other than adapt to it. Somehow.

Catelli said...

That's the thing Ken. No data has been falsified or concealed. This is a total none story.

And I completely agree with your last paragraph. Though I hope we're wrong that it is too late.

Ken Breadner said...

Sorry about that. Started researching in order to cover this off in a blog and sank into it up to my neck. Should have read your previous entry, somehow missed it.

Catelli said...

No problem. I have to admit that for a bit I was worried there was something to this. It is a mess to wade through, especially if you use any MSM articles (or blogs! heh) as a starting point.