Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Oh Capita, My Capita

"Canada has more H1N1 vaccine per capita than any other country in the world."

Yay for us. Apparently it is so amazing that a small country like ours can have more vaccine "per capita" than a larger richer country, like say the United States.

Fun fact. Canada produces more pennies per capita than the United States. In 2007, the Canadian mint produced 846 million pennies, which works out to 25 pennies per Canadian. The Americans produced 5.4 Billion pennies in 2008, which works out to 18 pennies per American. Extrapolating from this we can infer that Canadians are in fact horrible tippers? We leave more pennies on restaurant tables than Americans? Canadian males suffer from small penis syndrome and use rolls of pennies in their pockets to impress the Canadian female? (its cheaper than a roll of quarters!)

Seriously, what does this actually tell us? Production capacity of a particular institution has no relationship to the population of a given country. The Conservative's claim to this "per capita" number means that they desire credit for the production capacity of a private firm (Glaxo-Smith-Kline) and the continued low population density of our great nation. Tremendous foresight from that Conservative party I tells ya. They just knew how to manipulate the nation these last few years to ensure that dividing H1N1 production capacity by our population would produce a higher number than any other country.

Come on you morons. If you want to make a believable argument, point out H1N1 vaccination shortages are a world-wide phenomena.

That doesn't change that they have completely cocked up the management of this crises. There's this thing called "a plan" that if properly thought out and implemented, would have gone a long way to allay the confusion and panic out there.

But our government doesn't like planning. It likes to shriek and yell and hand out cheques and cover itself in glory. Actually doing shit takes effort.

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Sir Francis said...

Kudos on the Whitman reference, by the way. That's something one doesn't see every day.