Friday, 27 November 2009

Principles, Compare And Contrast

The Principles' of Germany's Politicians and Military Leaders.

Germany's labor minister resigned Friday after conceding that he didn't see a military report on a deadly September airstrike in northern Afghanistan while he held the government's defense portfolio.

Labor Minister Franz Josef Jung made the announcement a day after the head of Germany's armed forces, Gen. Wolfgang Schneiderhan, and deputy Defense Minister Peter Wichert also stepped down.

Jung said he was taking responsibility for the fact that the German military report on the Sept. 4 airstrike didn't reach him, despite his being defense minister at the time.

"I am taking responsibility for the Defense Ministry's internal information policy toward the minister regarding the events of Sept. 4 in Kunduz," Jung said in a brief statement.

The Principles' of Canada's Political and Military Leadership?



Ken Breadner said...

That kind of resignation--provided it's not a Tequila Sheila kind of 'resignation'--actually *wins* political capital. It can turn a disaster into a political triumph.
Not here, of course.
I suspect there's been some intense polling going on behind the scenes. Sadly, they appear to have concluded the Afghan detainee scandal will blow over with no lasting effect. Even more sadly, I think they're right.

Catelli said...

I dunno. This is one time I'm pretty optimistic that the government will eventually be held accountable for this. There's a lot of anger/dismay in the public and more importantly in the media (journalists are not letting this one go, which helps keep it in the public eye).

This appears to me to have more legs then the Chalk River fiasco(s).

I could be wrong, am probably wrong, but I hope not.